FBI FOIA Fodder - Forms

Originally released by The Memory Hole, but since lost when the site originally stopped operating and before the relaunch. This copy is taken from the archives, but the real credit goes to Russ Kick at The Memory Hole.

Complete List of Forms Used by the FBI

>>> Released to The Memory Hole on 29 Aug 2003 due to a Freedom of Information Act request. The first list is a computer print-out of the forms list from an internal FBI Website <>. The second list is the table of contents of the "FBI Form Book."

33 out of 33 pages were released. Titles of some forms were blacked out under exemptions covering 1) national defense or foreign policy, 2) internal personnel rules and practices, and 3) techniques and procedures for law enforcement investigations or prosecutions.

You can request a copy of any form, either blank or filled in during a specific time period. (Of course, just because you request something under FOIA is no guarantee that you'll actually get it.) If you aren't familiar with filing FOIA requests, you really should read this guide. Address for requests to the FBI:

David M. Hardy, Chief
Record/Information Dissemination Section
Records Management Division
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Department of Justice
935 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20535-0001


Forms Available

FD Forms

"0" Forms

Volume I: Forms FD-001 through FD-199
Volume II: Forms FD-200 through FD-299
Volume III: Forms FD-300 through FD-399
Volume IV: Forms FD-400 through FD-499
Volume V: Forms FD-500 through FD-599
Volume VI: Forms FD-600 through FD-699
Volume VII: Forms FD-700 through FD-799
Volume VIII: Forms FD-800 through FD-899
Volume IX: Forms FD-900 through (open)
Volume X: Forms with varied form numbers

"0" Forms

FD Forms

SF Forms

0-4 Mail Services
0-7 Routing Slip
0-42 Request for Search of Civil & Criminal Files
0-43 Check or Bond Receipt
0-93 Teletype
0-93a Teletype Continued
0-93b Teletype Continued
0-004 The White House
0-102 File Request Form

SF Forms

"0" Forms

TSP Forms

Please Note: The forms below have been downloaded from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) website or the General Services Administration (GSA) website. These non-FBI forms below will be checked periodically for revisions; however, if FBI managers over programs that use these non-FBI forms become aware of more current versions, they should contact the Forms Desk on extension {redacted}and provide revised copies of those forms.

SF-8 Notice to Federal Employee About Unemployment Insurance
SF-50 Notification of Personnel Action
SF-52 Request for Personnel Action
SF-61 Appointment Affidavits
SF-75 Request for Preliminary Employment Data
SF-81 Request for Space
SF-86 Questionnaire for National Security Positions
SF-86A Continuation form for SF-86
SF-86C Certification form for SF-86
SF-88 Medical Record - Report of Medical Examination
SF-93 Medical Record - Report of Medical
SF-95 Claim for Damage, Injury or Death
SF-120 Report of Excess Personal Property
SF-120A Continuation form for SF-120
SF-122 Transfer Order Excess Personal Property
SF-126 Report of Personal Property For Sale
SF-126A Report of Personal Property For Sale (Continuation Sheet)
SF-182 Request Authorization Agreement and Certification of Training (GETA)
SF-256 Self-Identification of Handicap
SF-312 Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement
SF-700 Security Container Information (Sample Only)
SF-1012 Travel Voucher
SF-1034 Public Voucher for Purchases and Services Other than Personal
SF-1038 Advance of Funds Application and Account
SF-1199A Direct Deposit Sign-up Form
SF-2801 Application for Immediate Retirement Under the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS)
SF-2803 Application to Make Deposit or Redeposit (CSRS)
SF-2804 Application to Make Voluntary Contributions (CSRS)
SF-2808 Designation of Beneficiary (CSRS)
SF-2809 Employee Health Benefits Election Form (with instructions)
SF-2817 Life Insurance Election (FEGLI)
SF-2818 Continuation of Life Insurance
Coverage (FEGLI)
SF-3102 Designation of Beneficiary (FERS)
SF-3107 Application for Immediate Retirement Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS)

Thrift Forms

SF Forms

Miscellaneous Forms

TSP-1 - Election Form
TSP-3 - Designation of Beneficiary
TSP-20 - Loan Application
TSP-60 - Request for a Transfer into the TSP
TSP-76 - Financial Hardship In-Service Withdrawal .Package


9th House Network License Request/Usage Agreement (FBIHQ Only)
Department of Labor - Form WH-380 - Certification of Health Care Provider - (Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993)
Developmental Recommendations Form
Flexible Work Option Request Form
Form 4414 - Sensitive Compartmented Information Nondisclosure Agreement
OGE Forms - Fillable and Print

OGE Form 450
OGE Form 450 - Confidential Financial Disclosure Report (5 pages) Print Only
OGE Form 450: A Review Guide - U.S. Governement Ethics - 9/96 (68 pages)
SF-278 - Public Financial Disclosure Report (18 pages) - Print Only
Conflict of Interest Certification - Print Only
$150 Gift Donation Form - Print Only
Gift Donation Form - Print Only
Probono Legal Services - Print Only

Performance Documentation Worksheet
Probationary Agent Program For New Special Agents Training Log

FBI Form Book
Table of Contents


FD-4 - Routing Slip
FD-4d - Managers' Intra-Division Routing Slip
FD-5 - File - Serial Charge Out
FD-10 - Disposition Request
FD-26 - Consent to Search

FD-26 1 {redacted}
FD-26 2 {redacted}
FD-26 4 {redacted}
FD-26 4a {redacted}
FD-26 5 {redacted}
FD-26 7 {redacted}
FD-26 8 {redacted}
FD-26 9 {redacted}
FD-26 10 {redacted}
FD-26 12 {redacted}
FD-26 14 {redacted}
FD-26 15 {redacted}
FD-26 17 {redacted}
FD-26 18 {redacted}
FD-26 20 {redacted}
FD-26 25 {redacted}
FD-26 31 {redacted}

FD-28 - Daily Report
FD-29 - Monthly Administrative Report
FD-29a - Administrative Report
FD-36 - Field Teletype
FD-37 - Advance Blue Slip
FD-39 - Field Firearms Training
FD-40 - Field Firearms Training Record
FD-56 - Stop Notice
FD-57 - Mail Cover Index Card
FD-65 - Fugitive Form
FD-71 - Complaint Form
FD-73 - Auto Record
FD-77 - Dictation Slip
FD-79 - Charge-out Record ot Nonexpendable Property
FD-109 - Records Transferred ot Personnel Transferred
FD-111 - Monthly Motor Vehicle Report (Cost of Operation and Accrued Mileage)
FD-I20 - Notice of Tardiness
FD-123 - Request for Information Concerning Savings Bond Purchases
FD-125 - Record Request
FD-140 - Application for Employment
FD-140a - Continuation Sheet for FD-140
FD-159 - Record of Information Furnished Other Agencies
FD-160 - Indices Search Slip
FD- 160a Indices Search Slip (continuation page)
FD-164 - Nomination of Law Enforcement Officer to Attend the National Academy Program
FD-164a - Application to Attend FBI National Academy Program
FD-164b - Report of Medical Examination - FBINA Applicant
FD-165 - FBI Field Office Wanted-Flash-Cancellation Notice
FD-166 - Absence Schedule
FD-173 - Information Concerning Last Federal Employment
FD-183 - Reemployment Rights Following Military Service
FD-190 - Special Agent Interview
FD-190a - Professional, Technical, and Administrative Specialty Applicant Interview Form
FD-190b - Compilation of Applicant Background Data (SET)
FD-192 - FBI Evidence - Data Loading Form
FD- 192a - Inventory of Bulky Nonevidentiary Property
FD-193 - Report of Exit Interview and Separation
FD-193a - Report of Exit and Separation Temporary Employment
FD-195 - Statement of Federal Service
FD-196 - Request for Search in National Fraudulent Check File
FD-197 - File Locate


FD-204 - Investigative Report
FD-205 - Notification of Delinquent Deadline Case
FD-207 - Name Change and/or Change in Marital Status
FD-207a - Notification of Birth/Adoption
FD-208 - Report of Death of Immediate Relative
FD-209 - Memorandum for Recording Contacts with Informants
FD-209a - Asset Contact
FD-211 - Record of Incoming Accountable Mail (Registered, Express, Certified)
FD-215 - Individual Security Patrol Daily Report
FD-215a - Combined Security Patrol Report
FD-215b - Security Patrol Log
FD-217 - Notification of Bureau File Number
FD-218 - Supply Requisition
FD-223 - Letter to Vendor Concerning Invoices
FD-224 -Personal Data Form (Reinstatement of Serviceman)
FD-226 - Expendable Supply Requisition (For use in LA, MP, NY, PH, and SF)
FD-231 - Cover Letter for EOD Forms
FD-237 - Informant Review Sheet
FD-242 - Information Concerning the Clerical and Clerical-Skilled Oriented Positions
FD-243 - Position Description
FD-245 1 - File Front and Back (brown border)
FD-245a 1 - File Front and Back, Informant Files (light green)
FD-245a 2 - Cooperating Witness File (medium green)
FD-245a 3 - Asset File (dark green)
FD-245b 1 - File Front and Back, LEGAT Office Files (blue)
FD-245c 1 - File Front and Back, Security Files (red)
FD-245d - File Front and Back, Personnel File / (white)
FD-245d 1 (Medical Records) (purple)
FD-245d 2 - (Security Program Records) (orange)
FD-249 - Arrest and Institution Fingerprint Card (white/red ink)
FD-252 - Employee Suggestion
FD-253 - Application/Renewal of Membership and Designation of Beneficiary (Special Agents Insurance Fund and Charleys Ross Fund)
FD-254 - Receipt for GTR (transportation requests)
FD-255 - Recommendation for Incentive Award
FD-255a - Recommendation for Honorary Medal
FD-257 - Information Concerning Special Agent Position
FD-258 - Applicant Fingerprint Card (white/blue ink)
FD-263 - Cover Page Accompanying Investigative Report
FD-264 - Job Qualification Statement for Position of Electronics Technician
FD-266 - Request for Information
FD-268 - Laboratory Positions in the FBI
FD-271 - File Review Sheet
FD-272 - Cover Page tor Prosecutive Summary Report
FD-276 - Radio Interference Report
FD-277 - Return to Duty
FD-279 - HF Radio Log
FD-281 - Receipt for Government Property
FD-282 - Leave Request
FD-283 - FM Radio Station Log
FD-288 - Operator's Road Test and Driving Certification
FD-291 - Employment Agreement
FD-292 - Change in Marital Status
FD-294 - Letter Initiating Investigations of Support and Special Agent Applicants
FD-295 - Selective Service - Reserve Status
FD-297 - Log for Technical Surveillance
FD-299 - Historical Record


FD-300 - Attachment to Standard Form 88, "Report of Medical Examination"
FD-300a - New Agents Mandatory Physical Fitness Tests
FD-301 - Report of Audit of Imprest. Fund
FD-302 - Form for Reporting Information That May Become Testimony
FD-302a - Continuation Page for FD-302
FD-308 - Federal Savings Bond Payroll Allotment Authorization and Record
FD-309 - Request for Extended Leave Without Pay and/or Departure on Leave of Absence for Maternity Reasons
FD-313 - In-Service Training Confirmation
FD-314 - Personnel Resource List Letter
FD-315 - INS Lookout Notice
FD-316 - Background Data for Limited Inquiries on Maintenance Employees
FD-318 - Electronics Questionnaire
FD-319 - Interview Form - FBI National Academy Applicant
FD-320 - FBI Case Status Form
FD-328 - Waiver of Consent to Polygraph

FD-328 1 {redacted}
FD-328 2 {redacted}
FD-328 4 {redacted}
FD-328 4a {redacted}
FD-328 8 {redacted}
FD-328 9 {redacted}
FD-328 10 {redacted}
FD-328 14 {redacted}
FD-328 15 {redacted}
FD-328 17 {redacted}
FD-328 18 {redacted}
FD-328 31 {redacted}

FD-328a - Employee Agreement to Polygraph
FD-328b - Applicant Agreement to Polygraph
FD-328c - Employee Consent to Polygraph (Security Program)
FD-330 - Itinerary
FD-331 - Request to Engage in Outside Employment
FD-331a - Termination of Outside Employment
FD-333 - Interview - Departure for Military Service
FD-338 - Intraoffice Memorandum re Destruction of Channelizing Memoranda after Inclusion in Reports
FD-338a - Intraoffice Memorandum re Destruction of Channelizing Memoranda under 1 Year Rule
FD-339 - Currency List
FD-340 - 1-A Envelope (changed to clasped envelope) (7 x 9 inches)
FD-340a - 1-A Envelope (9 x 11-1/2 inches)
FD-340b - 1-A Envelope (clasped envelope, 5-1/8 x 9-1/2 inches)
FD-340c - 1-A Envelope (clasped envelope, 8-1/2 x 11 inches)
FD-341 - Radio Equipment Maintenance Log
FD-342 - Dissemination Routing Slip - Local Intelligence Agencies
FD-344 - Annual Telecommunications Equipment and Cost Report
FD-344a - Resident Agency Annual Telecommunications Equipment and Cost Report
FD-346 - Immigrant Case Form Letter to Bureau and Washington Field Office
FD-348 - Informant Index Card
FD-349 - Work Sheet - Typist's Production Average
FD-350 - Mounting Sheet for Newspaper Clippings
FD-351 - Arrest Advisory/Assumption of Custody Request
FD-352 - Handwriting and/or Hand Printing Specimen in Fraudulent Check Cases
FD-353 - Personal Identification Fingerprint Card
FD-354 - Interview or Report re Sick Leave
FD-356 - Request for Agency Check
FD-361 - Request and Authorization for, or Cancellation of, Allotment of Compensation for City and State Income Tax Exempt Purposes
FD-365 - Summary of Complaint
FD-366 - Letterhead Memorandum Advising Secret Service of Change in Residence and/or Employment of Certain Bureau Subjects
FD-367 - Transmittal Letter for Cease-duly
FD-369 - Requisition for Supplies and/or Equipment
FD-369a - Requisition for Supplies and/or Equipment
FD-375 - Training Agreement
FD-376 - Dissemination Letter to Secret Service
FD-380 - Personnel Record (Fingerprint Card)
FD-381 - Motor Vehicle Maintenance Record
FD-382 - Foreign Assignment Agreement
FD-383 - FBI Facial Identification Fact Sheet
FD-388 - Leads Letter re Change in Marital Status
FD-391 - Request for Authority to Hire Applicants
FD-395 - Advice of Rights

  FD-395 a
FD-395 1
FD-395 2
FD-395 3
FD-395 4
FD-395 4a
FD-395 5
FD-395 6
FD-395 7
FD-395 8
FD-395 9
FD-395 10
FD-395 11
FD-395 12
FD-395 13
FD-395 14
FD-395 15
FD-395 16
FD-395 17
FD-395 18
FD-395 19
FD-395 20
FD-395 21
FD-395 22
FD-395 23
FD-395 24
FD-395 25
FD-395 26
FD-395 27
FD-395 28
FD-395 29
FD-395 30
FD-395 31
FD-395 32
FD-395 33
FD-395 34
(Pocket size)
(Iranian (Farsi))

FD-396 - Envelope for Submission of "The Investigator" Items (9 x 11-1/2 inches)
FD-399 - FBI Publications Requisition


FD-404 - Your Rights at a Lineup

FD-404 1 (Arabic)
FD-404 2 (Armenian)
FD-404 4 (Chinese-Traditional)
FD-404 4a (Chinese-Simplified)
FD-404 8 (Iranian)(Farsi)
FD-404 9 (Italian)
FD-404 10 (Japanese)
FD-404 14 (Russian)
FD-404 15 (Spanish)
FD-404 17 (Vietnamese)
FD-404 18 (Korean)

FD-406 - Authority to Release Information
FD-406 7 - {redacted}
FD-407 - Recommendation for Transfer of Special Agent to Resident Agency
FD-409 - BUAP - Status Inquiry
FD-411 - Notification of Location of Delinquent Registrants
FD-412 - Cover Sheet for Dissemination of Major Case Memorandum
FD-414 - NCIC Entry Form - Stolen Vehicle and Parts
FD-415 - NCIC Entry Form - Stolen/Embezzled/Counterfeit Securities
FD-416 - NCIC Entry Form - Stolen Article and/or "Recovered" Gun
FD-417 - Dissemination Routing Slip
FD-418 - Shooting Incident
FD-420 - Attendance Register
FD-420a - Attendance Register/TURK
FD-421 - Data Communications Log
FD-426 - Visitors' Log
FD-427 - Intraoffice Memorandum to RUC Case
FD-429 - Investigative Assistant Agreement
FD-430 - Bank Robbery ADP Entry
FD-431 - Authorization for Use of Personally Owned Side Arm
FD-433 - Request for Leave Audit
FD-434- Request tor Cancellation of Savings or Checking Account Allotments
FD-435 - Military Service Restoration Interview
FD-440 - "Type of Blood" Card
FD-441 - Return Receipt ot Mail Card
FD-441a - Return Receipt tor Evidence Control Custodian
FD-441b - Registered Mail Tracer
FD-448 - Facsimile Cover Sheet
FD-455 - Access. Log - Evidence Storage Facility
FD-456 - Letter Initialing Investigations of National Academy Applicants
FD-460 - Request tor Advance of Funds
FD-462 - Maternity Benefits
FD-463 - FM Radio Installation Data
FD-464 - Identification or Credential Card Request
FD-465 - Authority to Release Medical Information

FD-465 14 (Russian)
FD-465 15 (Spanish)

FD-466 - Information Concerning Positions of Computer Programmer and Computer Systems Analyst
FD-467 - Financial Institution Fraud (FIF) Matter
FD-468 - Recommendation for Certificate/Letter from Director
FD-472 -
Telephone Device Consent

FD-472 1 {redacted}
FD-472 2 {redacted}
FD-472 3 {redacted}
FD-472 4 {redacted}
FD-472 4a {redacted}
FD-472 6 {redacted}
FD-472 7 {redacted}
FD-472 8 {redacted}
FD-472 9 {redacted}
FD-472 10 {redacted}
FD-472 11 {redacted}
FD-472 13 {redacted}
FD-472 14 {redacted}
FD-472 15 {redacted}
FD-472 16 {redacted}
FD-472 17 {redacted}
FD-472 18 {redacted}
FD-472 19 {redacted}

FD-473 - Body Recorder/Transmitter Consent

FD-473 1 {redacted}
FD-473 2 {redacted}
FD-473 3 {redacted}
FD-473 4 {redacted}
FD-473 4a {redacted}
FD-473 6 {redacted}
FD-473 7 {redacted}
FD-473 8 {redacted}
FD-473 9 {redacted}
FD-473 10 {redacted}
FD-473 11 {redacted}
FD-473 13 {redacted}
FD-473 14 {redacted}
FD-473 15 {redacted}
FD-473 16 {redacted}
FD-473 17 {redacted}
FD-473 18 {redacted}

FD-473a - Consent tor Use of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
FD-473a 15 (Spanish)
FD-474 - Manuals Up-to-Date Certification
FD-475 - Physical Examination - Card
FD-478 - List of Files Destroyed/Transferred to FBIHQ
FD-484 - Privacy Act Notice for Maintenance Employees
FD-485 - Evaluation Memorandum for Informative Asset
FD-486 - Privacy Act Statement
FD-487 - NCIC Activity Log
FD-488 - Privacy Act Request for In-Service Personnel
FD-490 - Authorization to Maintain Bureau Vehicle Overnight at Employee's Residence on Irregular and/or Emergency Basis
FD-491 - Transmittal Communication for Documents to OO
FD-493 - Headquarters Records Review Request of FBIHQ Indices and Files
FD-494 - Control for Pretrial Diversion Cases
FD-495 - Channel Log
FD-496 - Privacy Act Statement-Civil Rights
FD-497 - Polygraph Examination Worksheet
FD-498 - Polygraph Report


FD-500 - Report of Lost or Stolen Property
FD-503 - FOIPA Inventory Worksheet
FD-504a - Chain of Custody - ELSUR Evidence Envelope (9-1/2 x 12 inches)
FD-504b - Chain of Custody - Original Tape Recording Envelope (8 x 10-1/2 inches)
FD-508 - Excess Supplies and/or Equipment Report
FD-508d - Excess Supplier and/or Equipment Tag
FD-511 - Special Agent Applicant Dimension Evaluation Work Sheet
FD-515 - Accomplishment Report
FD-515a - Supplemental Page to the Accomplishment Report
FD-517 - Prosecutive Report Form
FD-518 - Narrative Page for Prosecutive Report
FD-519 - Requirements and Certification or Cannibalization and Destruction of Equipment
FD-520 - FISUR Log Cover Sheet
FD-521 - Field Office FOIPA Request
FD-522 - Hostage/Barricade Report
FD-523 - Field Request for Photo Processing
FD-523a - On-Site Photographic Request
FD-524 - Numerical Analysis Sheet
FD-528 - Word Processing Transmittal Envelope
FD-531 - Stolen Art Data Sheet
FD-532 - Continuation for Declination Interstate Transportation of Stolen Motor Vehicle (ITSMV) Cases
FD-534 - Itemization of Miscellaneous Expenses
FD-535 - Privacy Act Notice (for use with Forms FD-190, FD-190a, FD-510, FD-511)
FD-537 - Language Specialist
FD-540 - Travel Request
FD-542 - Investigative Accomplishment Report
FD-543 - Investigative Assistant Workload Data
FD-585 - "Lifted Print" Backing Card
FD-586 - Aviator Qualifications
FD-587 - Application for Specialized Training
FD-594 - Leave Audit Chart
FD-597 - Receipt for Property Received, Returned, Released, Seized
FD-598 - Request for Bank Robbery Note File Examination


FD-604 - Pilot-in-Cominand Qualification and Proficiency Checkride
FD-604a - Pilot-in-Commandand Proficiency Checkride
FD-604b - Qualification and Proficiency Checkride
FD-607 - Field Office and Resident Agency Change in Address or Telephone Number
FD-608 - Recommendation for Quality Step Increase (QSI) or Cash Award in Lieu of QSI
FD-610 - Data Input for Civil Rights Cases
FD-612 - Notification of Document Classification Action
FD-613 - Photograph Identification (4-1/2 x 3 m)
FD-617 -Subpoena
FD-619 - Engineering Section Positions
FD-620 - Accounting Technician Position
FD-621 - Airtel - Usage Report for Consensual Monitoring
FD-622 - Language Specialist Agreement
FD-623 - Automotive Maintenance Employee Agreement
FD-624 - FISUR Log Cover Sheet
FD-624a - FISUR Log Cover Sheet
FD-625 - Special Agent Accountant Vocational Record
FD-626 - Missing Person Report
FD-627 - NCIC Entry Form - Stolen License Plate
FD-628 - NCIC Entry Form - Stolen Boat
FD-629 - NCIC Entry Form - Boat File Add-on Feature
FD-630 - NCIC Entry Form - Missing Person
FD-631 - Letter to Accompany Return of Documentary Evidence
FD-632 - Evidence Transmittal Envelope
FD-633 - Educational Certification for Special Agent Accountant Applicant
FD-634 - Forfeiture/Seized Property
FD-635 - Record of Seized Property
FD-636 - Field Office Asset Seizure Log
FD-637 - Military Deposit Worksheet and Application for Payment
FD-637a - Military Deposit Cancellation and Application for Completion of Deposit
FD-638 - Supervisory Vacancy Request Form
FD-644 -Warning and Assurance to Employee Requested To Provide Information on a Voluntary Basis
FD-645 - Warning and Assurance to Employee Required to Provide Information
FD-646 - Preliminary Application for Special Agent Position
FD-646a - Preliminary Application for Honors Internship
FD-646c - Preliminary Application for Support Positions
FD-648 - Electronics Technician Agreement
FD-650 - Motor Vehicle Maintenance Summary
FD-652 - Transcription Request/Approval Sheet
FD-653 - Motor Vehicle Inspection Inventory Record
FD-654 - Permanent Serial Charge Out
FD-655 - Routing of Earnings and Leave Record
FD-658 - Preliminary Application for Language Specialist and Contract Linguist Position
FD-659 - Reimbursement Voucher
FD-659a - Imprest Funds, Status of Funds
FD-660 - Verification of Lien
FD-661 - Waiver tor Transporting Bureau Personnel Via FBI Vehicles
FD-664 - ELSUR Card Submission
FD-667 - Petition Report
FD-668 - Data re Controlled Substances Investigation
FD-669 - Checklist re Title III (Criminal Matters)
FD-670 - Checklist re Telephone Consensual Monitoring (Criminal Matters)
FD-671 - Checklist re Nontelephone Consensual Monitoring (Criminal Matters)
FD-672 - Issued Personal Property Inventory Certification
FD-673 - Report ot Overage, Shortage, or Damaged Supplies
FD-674 - Photographic Log
FD-675 - Supervisor's 90-Day Informant/Cooperative Witness File Review Log
FD-676 - VI-CAP Crime Analysis Report
FD-677 - Authorization for Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Monitoring
FD-678 - Data Change to Resource Management System (RMS)
FD-679 - Relocation Income Tax (RIT) Allowance Certification
FD-682 - Certification of Nondiscrimination
FD-694 - Security and Complaint Assistant Daily Report
FD-697 - Maintenance Log-Copying/Duplicating Equipment Record

Volume VII

FD-702 - File Charge Out from Field Office to FBIH
FD-704 - Field Police Training Program, Course and Instructor Evaluation
FD-705 - Kidnapping Offense Report
FD-706 - Freedom of Information-Privacy Acts (FOIPA) Request
FD-712 - Pen Register/Trap and Trace Usage
FD-715 - Privileged Information Protection (9 x 11-1/2)
FD-717 - Exercise Tolerance Test Advisement
FD-720 - Special Agent Applicant Language
FD-721 - Special Agent Matter
FD-722 - Inadvertent Disclosure Statement
FD-723 - Drug Label
FD-724 - Request/Authorization for the Use of Classes of Service Higher than Coach
FD-725 - Ticket and Signature Log
FD-727 1 - Performance Plan - Notice Page
FD-727 2 - Performance Plan - Critical Element and Performance Standards Page
FD-728 1 - Performance Appraisal Report - Cover Page
FD-728 2 - Performance Appraisal Report - Evaluation Page
FD-728 3 - Performance Appraisal Report - Narrative Page
FD-730 {redacted}
FD-730 15 (Spanish)
FD-731 - FBI Bomb Data Center Hazardous Devices School Course Application
FD-733 - Address List Change
FD-734 - Shipping Invoice
FD-735 - Voucher Reconciliation
FD-735a - Advance Reconciliation
FD-736 - Itemization of Expenditures
FD-737 - Indemnity Agreement
FD-738 - Notice of FBI Forfeiture Action to the United States Attorney
FD-739 - Oath ot Office - Special Deputation
FD-739a - Credential for Special Deputation (attached to FD-739)
FD-744 - Drug Deterrence Program Acknowledgment
FD-746 - Disclosure of Informant Identity
FD-747 - Photo Spread Folder
FD-749 - Tampering with Consumer Products
FD-750 - Invoice for Technical Equipment
FD-751 - Performance Plan - Notice Page (Executive Personnel)
FD-75 la - Performance Plan - Critical Element and Performance Standards Page (Executive Personnel)
FD-752 - Performance Appraisal Report - Cover Page (Executive Personnel)
FD-752a - Performance Appraisal Report - Narrative Page (Executive Personnel)
FD-754 - Notice ot Attempted Contact
FD-754a - Notice of Attempted Contact by Special Investigators
FD-755 - Release of Personal Information Regarding Former Special Agents to the Society of Former Special Agents
FD-756 - Special Case Items Property Receipt
FD-758 - Race and National Origin
FD-759 - Emergency Nontelephomc Consensual Monitoring
FD-760 - Report of Medical Examination FBI Support Applicants and Appointees
FD-765 - Volunteer Leave Donor
FD-766 - Leave Recipient
FD-770 - News Media Data
FD-772 - Report of Official/Unofficial Foreign Travel
FD-773 - Roommate Background Data
FD-774 - Roommate Background Data Cover Letter
FD-776 - Cryptographic Access Briefing Acknowledgment
FD-777 - Receipt for Informant Payments
FD-779 - Employee Follow-up, Foreign Language TDY
FD-780 - Office Follow-up, Foreign Language TDY
FD-782 - Notice of Seizure of Property for Personal Use, Quantities of Controlled Substances

FD-782 2 (Armenian)
FD-782 3 (Bulgarian)
FD-782 4 (Chinese)
FD-782 6 (German)
FD-782 7 (Hungarian)
FD-782 9 (Italian)
FD-782 10 (Japanese)
FD-782 11 (Polish)
FD-782 13 (Romanian)
FD-782 14 (Russian)
FD-782 15 (Spanish)
FD-782 16 (Ukrainian)
FD-782 18 (Korean)

FD-785 - Weight Certification
FD-786 - CIA Name Check Request
FD-788 - On-The-Spot Awards
FD-789 - Influenza Vaccine Waiver
FD-790 - Work Request for Investigative Support
FD-793 - Draft System Transaction
FD-794 - Draft Request (Field)
FD-794a - Draft Request (FBMQ)
FD-795 - Accountable Property Officer Designation
FD-796 - Property Custodian Designation
FD-797 - Supply Technician Designation
FD-798 - Clerical Applicant, Preliminary Interview Questions


FD-800 - Clerical Applicant Rating Form
FD-801 - Computer Investigation and Threat Assessment Data Transmittal
FD-804 - Applicant Background Survey
FD-805 - Application for Language Testing for Foreign Language Achievement/Incentive Program
FD-806 - Language Utilization Base (LUB) Worksheet
FD-809 - Public Information Request (Butte)
FD-809a - Public Information Request (Savannah)
FD-810 - Butte ITC PSIC Reply Form
FD-812 -Time Off From Duty as an Incentive Award
FD-813 - Approval for Compensatory Time
FD-814 - Security Reinvestigation Questionnaire
FD-815 - Deputation of State and Local Officers
FD-816 - Access of Non-FBI Personnel to FBI Facilities
FD-817 - Support Employee Transfer Availability List
FD-818 - Special Agents Insurance Fund
FD-819 - Evaluation Summary - General Schedule Supervisory Guide
FD-820 - Sign Language Interpreter Request
FD-820 1 - Sign Language Interpreter Request (W Va Only)
FD-821 - Report of CAP-STUN Use
FD-822 - Information Control (Rapid Start)
FD-822a - Information Control Continuation Sheet (Rapid Start)
FD-826 - Foreign Assignment Request
FD-827 - SASS Phase I Shipping Invoice
FD-828 - FBI Test/Interview Usage and Inventory Log
FD-829 - Record Sheet for Test Administrators
FD-830 - Examinee Roster for Phase I
FD-831 - Applicant Testing Checklist
FD-833 - Nondisclosure Statement for Selection Tests and Interviews
FD-834 - Request for Access to Official Personnel File
FD-834a - Withheld Page Information Sheet
FD-835 - Security Acknowledgment Form (Security Unit)
FD-836 - Log of Federal Occupational Injuries and Illness (See BU Safety and Occupational Health Manager)
FD-837 - Drug Test Refusal
FD-838 - Log for Adding Postage to Meters (Mail Room)
FD-839 - Authorization for Disclosure of Medical Information
FD-840 - Applicant Checklist for Clerical Test
FD-841 - Examinee Roster for Clerical Test
FD-842 - Assignment for Value Received to Third Party Relocation Contractor
FD-843 - Special Agent Qualification Questionnaire
FD-844 - Proctor Agreement for FBI Selection Tests
FD-845 - SASS Phase II Shipping Invoice
FD-846 - SASS Phase II Examinee Roster
FD-848 - SASS Phase II Assessor Materials Checklist
FD-849 - Special Agent Selection System Phase II Application Testing Checklist
FD-852 - Certified Test Administrator Agreement
FD-853 - Interview Follow-up Sheet
FD-856 - Selective Placement Program Matters, Reasonable Accommodations Request
FD-857 - Sensitive Information Nondisclosure Agreement
FD-859 - CSB Shipping Invoice
FD-860 - Name Check Request to CIA
FD-861 - Mail/Package Alert
FD-862 - Allotment for Employee Benevolent Fund
FD-863 - Beneficiary for Employee Benevolent Fund
FD-864 - Immunization Questionnaire
FD-865 - Performance Summary Assessment
FD-866 - Fitness for Duty Examination
FD-867 - Travel Savings
FD-868 - Nondisclosure Agreement for Joint Task Force / Contract Members
FD-869 - Application Checklist for the Special Agent Position
FD-870 - Voluntary Hypnotic Agreement
FD-871 - Technical Request Form
FD-872 - Violent Crime/Fugitive Squad Folder
FD-873 - Bombing Incident Report Form
FD-873a - Bomb Squad Activity Report Form
FD-874 - Special Agent Applicant Physical Readiness Test (PRT) Report
FD-875 - Special Agent Applicant Certificate of Wellness
FD-876 - Special Agent Applicant Liability Waiver
FD-877 - Orientation Checklist
FD-878 - Self-Nomination for In-Service Training
FD-879 - Supervisory Nomination for In-Service Training
FD-880 - Merit Promotion Vacancy Notice
FD-881 - FBI Support Position Application
FD-882 - Immunization Assessment
FD-883 - Aircraft Operations Tag
FD-884 - FBI Standard Palm Print Card
FD-885 - Call Summary Report
FD-886 - Evidence Recovery Log
FD-887 - SCI Access Questionnaire
FD-888 - FBI Arrest Plan Form
FD-889 - Notice of Responsibilities and Computer Security Awareness Certification
FD-891 - IMS Course Registration
FD-893 - FBI Hazardous Materials Response (HMR) Exposure
FD-894 - FBI Hazardous Materials Response Respiratory Fit Testing Qualitative
FD-895 - Hazardous Materials Response (HMR) Onsite Medical Examination
FD-896 - Daily Baseline Vital Signs
FD-897 - Emergency Medical Information Form
FD-898 - Emergency Medical Incident Report
FD-899 - FBI Hazardous Materials Response Physician's Report


FD-900 - FBI Hazardous Materials Response Respiratory Medical Evaluation Questionnaire
FD-901 - Information Resources Management Resources Request
FD-902 - Drug Deterrence Program Unable To Test Notification
FD-903 - Alcohol and Controlled Substance Abuse Program Reasonable Suspicion Full Restriction Form
FD-904 - Alcohol and Controlled Substance Abuse Program Commercial Driver Notice
FD-905 - Alcohol and Controlled Substance Abuse Program Refusal Form
FD-906 - Alcohol and Controlled Substance Abuse Program Commercial Driver's Application Form
FD-907 - Alcohol and Controlled Substance Abuse Program Temporary Restriction Form
FD-908 - Alcohol and Controlled Substance Abuse Program Full Restriction Form
FD-909 - Administrative Subpoena
FD-909a - Continuation Sheet for the FD-909
FD-910 - Acquisition Planning Form $1,000,000-$5,000,000
FD-911 - Acquisition Planning Form $5,000,000 or Greater
FD-913 - Access Log - Safes and Storage Facilities Containing Cash and Valuables
FD-914 - Centralized Control System Advance of Funds Ledger
FD-915 - Centralized Control System Advance of Funds Journal
FD-916 - Cash Count Summary Report
FD-917 - Cash Count Certification Report
FD-919 - Victim Notification System (VNS) Form
FD-919a - Victim Identification Form
FD-920 - Opening of Drug Investigation Form
FD-921 - Laser Eye Examination Form
FD-922 - FBI Health Care Programs Unit Physician Treatment Orders
FD-923 - FBI Legat/ALAT Applicant Awareness Checklist
FD-923a - FBI International Support Applicant Awareness Checklist
FD-924 - Alcohol and Controlled Substance Abuse Program Authority to Release Information
FD-925 - Title III Action Memorandum
FD-926 - Chief Division Counsel/Field Office Title Checklist
FD-927 - Warning and Assurance to Employee Requested to Provide Information Following a Shooting Incident
FD-930 - NCIC Violent Gang and Terrorist Organizations File (VGTOF) Gang Member Entry Form
FD-930a - VGTOF Group Code Request
FD-931 - Request tor Employee Retirement Letter
FD-932 - Continuing Education Program Certification Form
FD-933 - Suspicious. Activity Report (SAR) Notification Letter
FD-934 - Acceptance of Travel Expenses from Non-Federal Sources
FD-935 - Consent and Information from the National Missing Person DNA Database
FD-936 - Request tor National DNA Database Entry
FD-938 - Country Clearance Request Form
FD-939 - Inside The World of an FBI Profiler
FD-940 - Pre-Title III Elsur Search Request
FD-941 - Consent to Search Computer(s)

FD-941 1 {redacted}
FD-941 15 {redacted}

FD-942 - Statement of Military Reserve Obligations
FD-943 - FBI Fitness For Duty Periodic Exam Form
FD-944 - FBI Hazardous Materials Response Team - Initial
FD-945 - FBI Applicant Exam Authorization Form
FD-946 - Respiratory Protection Program Exams
FD-947 - FBI Hazardous Material Response Team Periodic
FD-948 - Physiutl Capacities
FD-949 - LEGAT Multi-Use Form
FD-950 - FBI LEGAT Dependent Exam 11 yrs ot Age or Younger
FD-951 - LEGAT Dependent Infant One Year or Younger
FD-952 - Native American Recruitment Brochure
FD-952 1- Native American Recruitment Brochure
FD-952 2- Native American Recruitment Brochure
FD-952 3-Native American Recruitment Brochure
FD-953 - FBI Letter ot Intent tor Special Agents and Non-ASAC
FD-954 - Candidate Recommendation Form (CRF)
FD-955 - Candidate Qualification Form (CQF)
FD-956 - Honors Internship Program School Certification Form
FD-958 - FBI Financial Disclosure Form
FD-959 - Justice Employee Transit Savings (JETS) Program Application for Transit Subsidy
FD-960 - General Vaccine Consent Form
FD-961 - FBI Bioterronsm Preparedness Act Entity / Individual Information


1-12 - Flash-Cancellation Notice
R-84 - Final Disposition Report